Many individuals are confused as to how warehouse prices work. As people are often left unsure of how warehousing is charged, we created a basic understanding of how prices work. Between cubic footage to square foot storage, how expensive can storage warehouses be?


Each feature that is related to handling the items is added to the cost. This includes receiving, storage and loading as well as labor. Keep in mind that every company may differ regarding services and features.


There are various types of storage that you can avail. Consider these options to determine which is best for you.

  • Pallet Storage – If you’re looking for small storage, the pallet-type storage is about six feet at average. The overall amount will determine the cost a month. The usual cost for pallet storage can range between $4-15 per bill.
  • Cubic Foot Storage – The Cubic foot storage is priced for each cubic foot. The benefit to having a cubic foot storage is that you won’t be charged for unused spaced. The average cost per footage reaches to an average of -$1.
  • Square Foot Storage – This type of storage is priced per square footage. It is common for bulky items that don’t fit in racking or pallet type storage. The warehouse usually charges on the actual space that is used.


The charge of operation requires supervision, supplies, taxes and insurance to be added in the total bill.

General expenses

The warehouse staff and management are also placed in the overhead costs. The prices on each storage will vary.

Many features go into the actual price of storage. The area of location and leases of the storage also plays a significant role in pricing. There are also added operational costs at the cost of storage into insurance cover requirements and climate control.

How expensive can storage warehouses are?

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