The average American is said to have moved at least ten times during their lifespan. No matter how you look at it, the amount of stress, time, and effort in moving to a new home usually becomes worth it. While most people tend to “DIY” their big moves, using a professional moving company will help ease the hassle and make moving so much easier.

Here are four tips on finding a professional and reliable moving company.

Tip #1: Find a Reliable Moving Company

Make Google your friend by searching for a local moving company. While looking for a moving company, be sure to check their reviews to get an insight of their reputation. Ask your neighbors, family, and friends who have used moving services in your neighborhood about their personal experiences and recommendations.

Tip #2: Request for Estimates

Most moving companies provide a free quote on what to expect on your bill. Many companies prefer to charge their services based on the capacity of the items rather than the products and services they provide.

Tip #3: Determine Which Service is Right for You

Consider the budget and pieces you will need to be packed. You can hire movers that will arrange the items and unpack them at the new destination. If you’re looking to save money, packing the items yourself will ensure that you know where each item went and helped you save on cost.

Tip #4: Pack Your Valuables Yourself

Even if you choose expert movers that will pack your items for you, be sure to pack the highly-value items personally. Doing so will ensure that nothing important will go missing or damaged during the process of moving.

Choose a moving company that offers free moving supplies or at least a lower price than retail. With a moving company, you can save yourself the trouble of packing and let someone else do it for you.


4 tips on finding a professional and reliable moving company

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